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ABOUT CARE ORGANIZATION We are an organization founded by a group of parents who are pursuing the recovery of our children who have been diagnosed as autistic or “in the spectrum”. Our mission is to work with the parents to help the children in the spectrum to overcome obstacles in life, to be independent, and to engage with the society. Why we are different: As parents, we have experienced that therapy approaches available here in Thailand are somehow limited and focus only on the “how to do” with children. None of them tell us exactly of “what to do”. This makes many families feel lost on their journey and treatment, left not knowing what exactly to do with their child when they get home. That’s why we are utilizing the technique of Applied Behavior Analysis (A.B.A.) and curriculum developed by the Center for Autism and Related Disorders, Inc. (C.A.R.D.). The program from C.A.R.D. categorizes skills needed for development into 8 fields and customizes the individualized lessons for each child, complete with detailed teaching progression. This allows parents and the therapy team to know exactly “what to do” to help their children, where they are heading, and gives detailed treatment goals. Description This position is responsible for the coordination, scheduling of therapy session and administration function. The scheduling administrative must organize the availability of time and location for clients and therapists to make the most convenient and suitable schedule possible. The scheduler will work closely with client families and CARE’s staff to handle cancellations, scheduling changes, and make up hours. For administrative function will assist the center manager for office supply, stationary orders and including to managing the office areas. Responsibilities • Implement and represent CARE policy enthusiastically • Represent CARE professionally and ethically to internal and external stakeholders • Manage scheduling process • Take care of multiple clients at the same time • Track and analyze cancellations, substitutions and make-ups; minimize cancellations and missed sessions • Maintain relationships with clinical staff and CARE clients as it pertains to scheduling • Assist Center Manager and Clinical staff with other administrative duties as needed including, office supply and stationary management, filing, report writing, answering phones, processing resumes. • Plan in advance and foresee any problems that might arise. Key Competencies • Self-confidence • Organisation • Sense of urgently • Pro-Active • Time management • Good communication skills  
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