Center for Autism Recovery and Education (CARE) Thailand ประกาศรับสมัครงาน
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Job Description Behavioral Therapists implement at home and school treatment programs For CARE clients and their families using ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis). CARE Therapist is an integral part of the therapy team as their work directly influences client success. Therapists report to the CARE Supervisor responsible for the case. CARE provides extensive initial and on-going training and support. Quarterly coaching sessions will be provided by the Supervisor to ensure the highest quality service. This position is non-exempt and can be either full or part-time. Responsibilities • Represent CARE policy enthusiastically • Represent CARE professionally and ethically to internal and external stakeholders • Provide top-quality one on one therapy at home, school and clinic settings under the direction of the clinical supervisor • Set and meet performance goals for case quality, clinic quality and billable time • Attend introductory and on-going training • Maintain accurate and timely records including timesheets and reports • Report to clinical supervisor on client progress and provide treatment recommendations • Participate in regular meeting • Minimize cancellations • Maintain minimum billable requirement Competencies • Professionalism and Integrity • Flexibility • Time Punctuality • Strong sense of Responsibility • Culture of Respect • Good attitude and motivated by Passion • Have good communication skill Welfares: Working Day and Holiday • Working hours: maximum 40 hours a week • Monday - Saturday Welfare and Benefits • Medical Care and Accident Insurance • Annual Health Check Up • Transportation Allowance based on company policy • OT • Training • Bonus • Annual Outing • Annual Leave • etc  
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