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Learning Support Teacher
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5 อัตรา  
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The role of the Learning Support Teacher is to provide additional support, throughout the school day, academically and psychologically, to the student that you have been assigned in school setting throughout the school/academic year. The shadow teacher supports the student in many ways, including filling in the gaps that exist in the learning process, helping the student build self-confidence, promoting interaction in the classroom, and ensuring the student stays focused in the classroom. The shadow teacher also helps the student be prepared and organized for class, helps the student with the approaches to learning and reminds him/her to be a responsible and committed student. The role of the shadow teacher in the classroom is to help his/her student:  stay focused;  participate appropriately in class;  notify the teacher if he does not understand the material;  function in an environment where there are many distractions;  be positive in his/her approach to new tasks; and helping him/her to gain self-control;  improve communication by maintaining eye contact;  encouraging him/her to ask for help from his/her teachers;  having him/her share special interests with the children;  helping him/her to respond appropriately to his/her classmates in social situations;  seeing that he/she compliments his peers when appropriate;  prompting him/her to initiate discussions with his/her peers;  encouraging him/her to learn the interests of his/her classmates. Roles and Responsibility Includes but not limited to: • Provides direct one-on-one support to students according to recommendations and program guidelines in the school setting • Assists student in his/her academic skills • Assists student to increase functional communication skills, social skills and other socially significant behaviours in order to increase independence in the school setting • Assists in the development of relationships between peers • Consults and collaboratively works with the supervisor, school administration, teachers, and parents, on program elements for student • Provides regular data collection and feedback to supervisor regarding student progress and performance • Contributes to organizational mission and goals • Attends meetings, school events, training and seminars as needed
สงวนโดย :
สองศูนย์หนึ่งเก้า-ศูนย์แปด-สองหกเวหนึ่งหนึ่ง:หนึ่งสี่:สามสามไอพีหนึ่งแปดจุดสองสามสองจุดหนึ่งเจ็ดหนึ่งจุดหนึ่งแปด ร้านสคูลจ๊อบ 15717
คุณสมบัติผู้สมัคร :
• • In process or completion of Bachelor’s Degree in Education, Psychology, or related field preferred.
• • Experienced or interested in working with children/ special needs children
• • Have teaching license (preferable)
• • Clean background check (Drug Screen and Criminal Background Check)
• • Ability to travel as per assignment
• • Ability to work in a team as well as independently
• • No past criminal history, must pass tuberculosis test
• • Proficiency with Microsoft office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
• • Professionalism and Integrity
• • Flexibility
• • Time Punctuality
• • Strong sense of Responsibility
• • Culture of Respect
• • Good attitude and motivated by Passion
• • Have good communication skill
วิธีการรับสมัครงาน :
• สมัครผ่าน SchoolJob (สมัครงานตำแหน่งนี้)
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เลขที่ 168/1 ซอย - ถนน เจริญราษฎร์  
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